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circus trio for young audiences,  3+  / indoor or outdoor performance - 25'

To children and adults alike : three acrobats await you! Take your place around them to live a moment both sweet and strong, that may make you feel knee-high to a grasshopper. In a circular space very close to the audience, two acrobats and a tightrope walker perform with the simplest of props in ways that are adventurous, absurd, astonishing and playful.

The three artists and Jeanne Mordoj, who directs them, draw their performances from their time observing 3 to 6 year old children. They have been inspired by their body language… but also by their impish and mischievous spirit! Watch as the tight ropes undulate, and t-shirts exchange and transform to create astonishing shapes as everyone takes pleasure in pushing the bounds of the imagination to new, playful heights.

conception and direction Jeanne Mordoj
performers Julia Brisset, Hichem Cherif,  Nemanja Jovanovic or Aloïs Riché
music Philippe Foch
stage manager Clara Marchebout

production La compagnie Bal - Jeanne Mordoj and l’Académie Fratellini - center and education of circus art.

La compagnie BAL is supported by DRAC Bourgogne-Franche Comté.



Journal d’Elbeuf -  mach 2017
“A fun show where flexibility, delicacy and burlesque are linked to delight all families present.”

Journal de Saint-Denis - november and décember 2016
“The show, in a space delimited by a white circle, begins with cries coming from who knows where, resonating like calls to come play, to attract the other, to reunite. Everything starts from there: FIL-FIL is a beautiful work on balance, on the stealthy moment when everything changes, where fragility becomes grace.
It is a work on difference, beautifully interpreted with humor and lightness, to look upon with a smile on one’s face, and it feels good.”

Paris Normandie - march 2017
“A show created after observing relationships between children, not devoid of humor and lightness.”

Télérama sortir - september 2017
“The very talented and very crazy Jeanne Mordoj puts for the first time on the stage three young circus students from the Fratellini Academy. With this small form (25 min) originally created for toddlers, it offers playful acrobatics around diversions of objects and colored apparatus. For the whole family.”


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